Employee holiday tracking and absence management


Employee holiday tracking and absence management

e-days Absence Management Ltd has been providing self-service employee holiday tracking, time-off management and absence management solutions since 2006. Its SaaS software is suitable for any type or size organisation, anywhere in the world. e-day’s clients include household names such as Barclays, Canon, Lloyds Banking Group, Sony Music, and Public Health England.

e-days is just one of the trusted partners whose software integrates seamlessly with CIPHR. This connectivity means people data can be automatically updated in multiple systems, reducing the time HR spends on administration, ensuring greater accuracy and security of data while also enabling organisations to have a more strategic and holistic view of the impact of people-related initiatives.

Key features

  • Planned leave requests and approvals: employees can easily request leave via mobile devices or desktop computers, with singlclick manager authorisations
  • Sickness management: log employee sickness, with sickness categorisation and trend analysis. Optional tools help enable proactive sickness management
  • Overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL) tracking: manage the process of requesting, approving and recording employee overtime, and TOIL. Also features reporting tools for managers, HR, and finance teams
  • Shared absence calendars: clearly presented grouped employee absence calendars provide visibility of abscence for teams, which can be synchronised with Microsfot Outlook calendars
  • Manager dashboards: insightful absence-related data feeds directly into managers’ dashboards, enabling better workforce management and awareness
  • HR/finance reporting: take full control over data reporting. The ‘drag and drop’ report builder makes it simple for HR, payroll and finance teams to segment leave, absence, entitlement, and overtime data

Learn more about the CIPHR Connect platform and available integrations, including e-days

More information on the available integrations can be found in the CIPHR Connect brochure.

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CIPHR Connect brochure

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To arrange a demo of e-days, contact info@ciphr.com or call 01628 814 242.