FastPAYE by Shopworks

  • Enable staff to access earned wages before your traditional pay day
  • Boosts financial wellbeing and improves retention rates
  • Integration with CIPHR means employee accounts are set up automatically 



Data flow

2 way

Single sign-on


Sync frequency

Usually daily

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Pay and payroll

FastP.A.Y.E is a new, socially responsible way for your staff to access money they’ve already earned before payday.  

Employers keep control of when and how much their employees can access while removing the need for expensive short-term credit and no disruption to payroll.  

FastP.A.Y.E is a flexible wagemanagement app designed to help modern workers better manage their finances. Employers who opt to use FastP.A.Y.E will position themselves as ahead of the game and can be recognised as progressive and team-centric employer. 

This new app was created by the team behind the ShopWorks, a well-established workforce management app used by some of the biggest brands in the UK, who drew on their years of experience and insight into the challenges faced by HR teams to develop fastP.A.Y.E 

CIPHR’s integration with fastP.A.Y.E means that when new employees start with your organisation, they will be issued an invitation to register for an account. Any subsequent updates to that employee’s status, as made in CIPHR, will be reflected in their fastP.A.Y.E account accordingly. The integration can also be used to reset or amend the wages available to withdraw for an employee, in relation to their salary or contracted hours. 

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