Head Light

Innovative talent management software

Head Light

Innovative talent management software

Take your talent management and succession planning to the next strategic level with Head Light’s suite of employee development products.

Getting talent management and development right is crucial in competitive industries, where it’s essential you hire, engage and retain the best employees for your organisation. Specialist performance and talent management software, and succession planning solutions, will give you deep insight into your people, help you to enable employees to meet their goals, and help you embed a culture of succession planning throughout your culture

CIPHR’s integration with Head Light’s software means details of new employees, leavers and any changes to roles, line managers and organisational structure entered in CIPHR and automatically reflected in Head Light products – meaning your HR team can spend less time on administrative work and more time on strategy.

Key benefits

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks
  • Helps you identify top talent and support their progression
  • Enables more effective succession planning
  • Integration with CIPHR means details of starters, leavers and any changes to roles made in CIPHR are automatically reflected in Head Light’s products

G4S“We’ve been thrilled how the Group has embraced our new coaching and performance culture. Talent Performance® is a great tool to help support the conversations we are now having”

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Learn more about the CIPHR Connect platform and available integrations, including Head Light

More information on the available integrations can be found in the CIPHR Connect brochure.

Download CIPHR Connect brochure
Download brochure
CIPHR Connect brochure

Key features

  • Choose the features your want to include – and decide if you want to outsource the admin of talent management

  • Link and share information between the Talent® tools

  • Embed your competency frameworks, process, job profiles, style and language

  • Gather and analyse performance and potential data

  • Integrate with your HR systems as required

About CIPHR integrations

Head Light is just one of the trusted partners whose software integrates seamlessly with CIPHR. This connectivity means people data can be automatically updated in multiple systems, reducing the time HR spends on administration, ensuring greater accuracy and security of data while also enabling organisations to have a more strategic and holistic view of the impact of people-related initiatives.

Want to find out more?

To arrange a demo of Head Light, contact info@ciphr.com or call 01628 814242.