• Workforce management

  • Designed for any company size and sector

  • Solutions include access control and workforce optimisation

  • Allows HR teams to manage work patterns and record absence data

  • CIPHR integration means user accounts can be automatically updated



Data flow

2 way

Single sign-on


Sync frequency

Usually daily

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HFX’s workforce management software can help HR teams manage complex work patterns, including those involving flexible and part-time hours, in any organisation – regardless of size or sector.

The configurable SaaS time and attendance solutions make it quick and easy to create staff schedules and handle holiday, shift and time-off requests. You can also use HFX’s solutions to capture sickness and absence data, set up flexible working arrangements for mobile workforces, and analyse performance against KPIs.

If you need to use clocking devices, HFX has over 80 clocking options to choose from, ranging from biometric and mobile devices to card readers. Its advanced connectivity also means you can keep existing time recording devices if you wish.

The two-way integration between CIPHR and HFX Imperago means that changes made to employee records in CIPHR are automatically reflected in the user accounts in HFX. Absence records are stored in HFX Imperago and brought into CIPHR for centralised reporting, ensuring all records are correct in real-time.

What does the integration consist of?

  • Integration via API
  • Synchronisation of employee data from CIPHR to Imperago
  • Synchronisation of absence data from Imperago to CIPHR
  • Employee single sign-on from CIPHR to HFX Imperago (employee portal)
  • Manager/HR user single sign-on from CIPHR to HFX Imperago (manager portal)

Employee synchronisation

The CIPHR personal details properties listed below are shared with HFX Imperago via the CIPHR API.

Personal details shared

Imperago action  
CIPHR field Read Create Update Delete Comments
Employee number        
Work email address        
Known as        
Work telephone number        
Work mobile number        
Work email address        
Absence information shared

  Imperago action
CIPHR field Read Create Update Delete Comments
Absence description
“Full day” Configured client field
Absence synchronisation 

Employee absence is either managed in CIPHR or HFX Imperago. One employee cannot manage absences in both systems. For employees who do not use a clocking in or out functionality – due to having a standard work pattern that doesn’t require clocking in or out – absences can be managed within CIPHR.

For employees who do use the clocking in or out functionality, and/or are on a rota, time off should be managed in HFX Imperago – the central source of absence data for this group of employees. In factories, shops, or leisure centres where employees are on different shifts with different hours, pay and overtime rules, HFX Imperago can highlight a late, sick or absent employee due to them not having clocked in. HFX Imperago posts absence data to CIPHR for storage and for payroll purposes.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Like with any SSO, the login credentials the user has for CIPHR will be used as the authentication for HFX Imperago. Having only one username and password for both systems leads to better employee t engagement with the software and higher usage of both systems.

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