Meeting the complex staffing requirements of the healthcare sector


Meeting the complex staffing requirements of the healthcare sector

Forget paper forms, day books, spreadsheets and Post-It notes and say ‘hello’ to iRota’s advanced electronic rostering and staff management.

Whether you’re running a single department or a large, multi-layered organisation, iRota is equipped to deal with your rostering and staff-management requirements. It quickly and easily provides safe, accurate staff schedules, and handles holiday, shift and time-off requests. The system also enables HR teams to record sickness absence, plan training, and manage overtime, timesheets, time in lieu and on-call duties.

It also provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute management information reporting for senior leaders.

CIPHR’s integration with iRota means user accounts in iRota are automatically updated or created when employee records are changed or made in CIPHR. Absence records are stored in iRota and brought into CIPHR for centralised reporting, ensuring all records are correct in real-time.

Key benefits

  • Flexible enough to manage both shift-based staff and those working standard hours

  • Integration with CIPHR reduces the time you need to spend on administration, by automating iRota user setup

  • Provides accurate management information reporting and creates audit trails

  • Helps you manage staff more costly effectively, no matter how complex your organisation is

  • Rota-editing screen automatically incorporates requests for annual leave, training and shifts, as well as showing contractual hours and time owing

  • Create multiple shifts with minimal effort

  • No limit to the length, number and type of shifts you create

  • Self-service access for staff enables them to:

    • View their shifts, leave, time owed or owing, training, and when they are on call
    • Make leave and shift requests
    • See their sickness absence, annual leave entitlements, and training time
    • View shift diaries on mobile devices
Introducing iRota
Mobile Access

Learn more about the CIPHR Connect platform and available integrations, including iRota

More information on the available integrations can be found in the CIPHR Connect brochure.

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CIPHR Connect brochure

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