• Web-based management system for schools and colleges

  • Improves efficiency of HR team

  • CIPHR integration improves data accuracy and streamlines HR processes



Data flow

Mostly one-way

Single sign-on


Sync frequency

Default is daily, scheduled to run overnight

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iSAMS is a school management information system that empowers HR teams to manage their people data as their organisation grows.

The 100% web-based system allows schools to capture, report and assess data and can be used by everyone involved with the school, allowing staff members to access any information through a clear, intuitive interface.

The first version of iSAMS was launched in 2005; today, the management information system is being used by more than 950 schools and groups in over 75 countries, with more than 500,000 daily users.

The integration between CIPHR and iSAMS means there is a single source of truth for data about your employees, staff, and volunteers, improving data security and accuracy and streamlining HR processes.

CIPHR’s integration with iSAMS enables personal details and key information about teachers, staff, and volunteers to be stored in CIPHR and automatically transferred into and synced with iSAMS, improving the efficiency of your HR team, increasing data accuracy, and avoiding duplicated work.

The integration via API allows users to access iSAMS instantly from CIPHR with a single click – there’s no need to remember (or set up) extra usernames and passwords.

  iSAMS action

CIPHR field


Read Create Update Delete Comments
iSAMS ID        
Staff initials        
Title (dropdown list: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms)        
Sex (dropdown list: female, male, unknown)        
Preferred name        
Former surname        
Date of birth        
Start date        
Home telephone number        
Mobile number        
Work email address        
Leaving date        
Contract description        
Job title        

“It’s really intuitive and easy to learn. The team come up with new elements before we had even thought about them and, to be honest, we’ve never looked back.”

Moulsford boys’ prep school

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