Automating ID and documentation checks


Automating ID and documentation checks

Northrow’s mobile app and passport scanner make it quick and easy for managers to verify potential and current employees’ identification and right to work documents.

The app enables mangers to check and securely store workers’ documentation, and confirm their eligibility to work in the UK via real-time right to work checks.

Northrow’s desktop passport scanner can deliver an effective and immediate decision about the legitimacy of an ID document by scanning visible and non-visible security features, enabling you to make decisions about who to employ confidently and quickly.

Details of all checks are stored securely in Northrow’s online platform, along with auditable information of expiry dates, visa categories, and the identification of the person who carried out the check. Reporting functionality helps you analyse the information stored.

Key benefits

  • Complete background checks quickly, meaning your new hires can get started even faster
  • Improves your organisation’s ability to carry out right-to-work checks, reducing your exposure to fines for non-compliance
  • Mobile app enables you to check documents any time, anywhere
  • Fast – get confirmation in minutes if a document is valid
Introducing Northrow

Reuben Sinclair“We are able to quickly scan, collate and authenticate relevant identity documents from potential and existing employees to establish their right to work in the UK”

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More information on the available integrations can be found in the CIPHR Connect brochure.

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