Don’t let legal red tape get in the way of business growth


Don’t let legal red tape get in the way of business growth

Posturite’s online health and safety training will help you understand the latest legislation to protect your employees and your business.

Physical wellbeing is covered with modules such as workstation assessments, mobile working, first aid and fire safety. Other topics include conflict resolution, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), stress awareness, food safety and equality and diversity. Posturite also features a dyslexia screener that will help you identify employees with dyslexic tendencies, so you can understand their strengths and weaknesses, and put appropriate support plans in place.

The two-way integration between CIPHR and Posturite means details of new starters, leavers and changes to job roles made in CIPHR are automatically reflected in Posturite. Relevant training courses will then be assigned in Posturite based on employees’ roles, as defined by your HR team. When courses are successfully completed in Posturite, training records are automatically created in CIPHR, enabling you to easily report on which employees have completed mandatory training, and which haven’t.

CIPHR will also flag if employees’ training is due to expire, so you can re-enrol them in the relevant courses in Posturite.

Key benefits

  • Reduces risk and makes it easier for your organisation to comply with mandatory training requirements

  • The integration between the two systems means employees are auto-enrolled in the right course in Posturite, and that you can track and report on completion rates in CIPHR

  • Training content in Posturite is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it meets the latest requirements

Introducing Posturite
Posturite & GDPR

Learn more about the CIPHR Connect platform and available integrations, including Posturite

More information on the available integrations can be found in the CIPHR Connect brochure.

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CIPHR Connect brochure

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