Enabling optimum workforce performance


Enabling optimum workforce performance

Riteq’s workforce management system helps you keep track of working and available staff in your organisation, so you can improve productivity and have the latest information for each employee at your fingertips.

The Riteq platform means you can track which workers are doing what hours at which sites, and record planned or unplanned absences. This also means that, as well as having a record of what’s happening and when with your workforce, you are less likely to fall foul of any legislative issues with staffing requirements.

Pay rule interpretation reduces the risk of any manual errors with payroll, so you’re less likely to encounter any problems with employee payments or other accounting tasks with associated salaries or allowances.

The integration between CIPHR and Riteq enables HR departments to connect information about work schedules (recorded in Riteq) and planned and unplanned absences (recorded in CIPHR or Riteq). Opt to integrate your chosen payroll solution as well, and changes to working schedules as a result of absences will be automatically reflected in workers’ payslips.

Key benefits

  • Enables HR and line managers to have a comprehensive overview of working schedules, and unplanned and planned absences

  • Absence information can be stored in CIPHR or Riteq – you choose

  • Employee records in CIPHR are automatically created in Riteq for new starters, and updated if anything changes or staff leave

  • Riteq is easy for staff to access: they can view their shift schedules, change their hours, submit leave requests, use GPS to clock-in online, get company messages and check previous timesheets.

  • Save even more time on administration by integrating your payroll solution as well

Introducing Riteq

House of Fraser“[We] found in Riteq an extremely agile and customer-centric supplier… We have now been able to improve on absence management and reduce costs caused by inefficiencies in the process”

Learn more about the CIPHR Connect platform and available integrations, including Riteq

More information on the available integrations can be found in the CIPHR Connect brochure.

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CIPHR Connect brochure

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