Understand how a candidate would fit in a team before you hire them


Understand how a candidate would fit in a team before you hire them

ThriveMap creates pre-hiring assessments that are customised to your culture. Use ThriveMap’s proprietary culture fit assessment to ensure every new hire makes themselves, their team and your organisation stronger. Or create a bespoke role-specific assessment and model your top performers’ abilities and behaviours to ensure new hires have the right capability, commitment and culture fit.

Festival of Work 2019 – Thrivemap talk

This presentation from Nathan Verrall at Thrivemap explores how candidates feel about the recruitment process today and how it affects their performance and perception of an organisation. He also examines where employers might be going wrong and offer practical tips on how to improve your assessment and selection process.

Key benefits

  • Software that directly addresses the main reason new hires quit: culture fit
  • Customised pre-hiring assessments that can improve your quality of hire, reduce attrition by up to 40%, and reduce the time you send on interview by up to 60%
  • ThriveMap’s assessments focus on the candidate experience, offering you the opportunity to communicate your employer brand along the way
  • Accessible anytime, on any desktop or mobile device

Case Study

Marks & Spencer“ThriveMap helps us hire for culture fit based on real insight rather than gut feeling”

How to successfully hire for culture fit
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