• Creates a culture of transparency

  • Helps encourage engagement

  • Transforms internal communication



Data flow


Single sign-on


Sync frequency


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Improve workplace culture and build authentic engagement with Totem, an app that helps encourage meaningful conversations.

Totem helps you celebrate and motivate employees, and engage with them through regular surveys, polls, and quizzes – creating a safe and lively space for everyone to communicate.

Team members are encouraged to share stories and successes, and publicly thank colleagues for their efforts by awarding ‘kudos’ points. The more you engage and reward your peers, the more digital badges you win – giving users an added motivation for engaging with the app.

Through enabling staff to share stories quickly and effectively, you can transform internal communications with Totem.

Totem can be used by anyone in an organisation – all they need to do is download the Totem app onto their mobile phone, enter the unique organisation reference code, and get their profile approved by their organisation.

This self-registration relies on employees being engaged enough to actively download Totem and using it because they want to, rather than auto-creating users between CIPHR and Totem.

The app can be used by anyone in the organisation – whether or not they have a work email account or an active record within CIPHR – including seasonal staff, contractors, or temps. CIPHR customer Tottenham Hotspur FC, for example, uses Totem for all match-day staff, stadium staff and contractors, and full-time employees.

“I really enjoy the fact we can use it to communicate and thank each other seriously, but also that we can also use it to share things that make us smile. Totem has been a game-changer.”


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